Emily Reid

Administrative Assistant


As a key member of the TJC administration team, Emily assists with the day to day running of the office, including scheduling meetings and preparing documents. She is a creative thinker and is good at devising systems for improving work tasks.



Emily is hardworking and enjoys helping her colleagues and clients. Her excellent customer service skills come from an extensive background in hospitality. Emily has studied at the Aboriginal Centre of Performing Arts (ACPA) and is a keen supporter of the performing arts.

Photo by Jamie James
Artwork: Rene Kulitja, 'Ancient Tracks and Waterholes' (2019)


Emily ‘s Indigenous heritage is from the Gamilaroi, Wuthathi and Meriam people. She was born in Sydney and has lived on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Emily has always been drawn to the performing arts. In high school she was awarded a Performing Arts Highest Achievement award in 2014.  She also participated in a summer program at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA).

In her spare time she enjoys a night out and catching up with friends. She is also a talented makeup artist, singer and performer.

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All professional photography is by Jamie James at James Photographic Services.

The painting  'Ancient Tracks and Waterholes' (2019) by Rene Kulitja has been used under license in the firm photographs on the TJC website homepage and staff profiles. See Maruku Arts for more work by Rene Kulitja.

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