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Terri Janke and Company is committed supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses to develop their skills, grow and thrive in the business sector. We offer mentoring services through our successful Mentor Way program.

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Mentor Way

Mentor Way is a unique mentoring program designed to assist our clients to develop their business skills and achieve their business goals. It is about supporting you, lending an ear, helping solve problems and accountability. The program covers all the basic fundamentals of running a business. We can also tailor the program to suit your specific needs. For example, we can provide specific mentoring support for capturing government tenders (e.g. ATM, EOI, RFQ) which includes drafting templates for a systemised approach to winning tenders efficiently and effectively. 

Contact Us to express your interest in the program.

Mentor Way Testimonials

Alison Page Design & Chair, NCIE

“Mentor Way with Terri Janke and Andrew Pitt has been a god-send for me in the past few months. I’m establishing a new company and to be able to check in with my mentors on a regular basis has given me strategic clarity and kept me purposeful...

...My biggest anxiety around running my own business is the isolation so having that wisdom and guidance is keeping me confident and extremely productive. They are really empowering me to focus on what is important.”


“Over the past 12 months I have been supported and mentored immensely by Andrew Pitt and Terri Janke at Terri Janke and Company. Through their program I have been able to make strong business decisions that are leading me on a successful path most small business take years to get to.”

Yankunytjatjara/ Pitjantjatjara man, Digital Entrepreneur & founder of Iwara Travel

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