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NAIDOC Week 2016 in Darwin

Last week, Terri and Tamina travelled north to Darwin, the land of the Larrakia people, to celebrate NAIDOC Week and participate in the events. Darwin was beautifully warm with temperatures over 30 degrees every day.

The first day in Darwin was spent exploring country. Terri and Tamina went on a tour with Northern Territory Indigenous Tours ( to visit Litchfield National Park. NT Indigenous Tours is owned by Tess Attie, a champion of Indigenous Tourism. We spent the day with the team who took us around the park and showed us some secret spots which were tranquil and breathtaking.

The day was spent swimming in amazing waterfalls and experiencing the amazing desert landscape including red dirt and the signature termite mounds of the Northern Territory.

Terri Janke, Chrisney Bright from NT Indigenous Tours and Tamina Pitt at Litchfield National Park

Terri Janke, Chrisney Bright from NT Indigenous Tours and Tamina Pitt at Litchfield National Park

The theme of NAIDOC 2016 was ‘Songlines’. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the Dreamtime describes a time when the earth and all the things upon it were created by our ancestral spiritual beings. In this time, the oceans, rivers, mountains, islands and land formations, plants, animals, were created. These dreaming tracks or Songlines record the travels of ancestral spirits who sung the land into life. Songlines are recorded in traditional cultural expressions such as songs, stories, dance and art. They carry cultural significance and connection to knowledge, customs, ceremony and lore.

On the Thursday, Terri attended The National Indigenous NAIDOC Forum. The theme was "Knowledge - Strong Voices - Power". The organisers of this Forum were 3 local Aboriginal woman Tanyah and Joanne Nasir and Christine Ross.

Pictured: (first row) Tracey Cullen, Anita Heiss, Tanyah Nasir, Terri Janke, (second row) Christine Ross and Joanne Nasir at the NAIDOC Forum

Professor Tom Calma, Chancellor of the University of Canberra and Indigenous leader, talked through the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey tracking changes in Indigenous attitudes towards smoking. Dr Anita Heiss, author, spoke on the importance of Indigenous authors and books in teaching Indigenous culture.

Terri and Professor Calma at the NAIDOC Ball

Terri spoke on ‘Safeguarding the Songlines: Protecting Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expression’. She discussed the significance of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property and how Indigenous people can protect their rights.

Terri speaking at the NAIDOC Forum

(Photo from Twitter @becharnett)

On NAIDOC Day, Terri and Tamina attended the NAIDOC Breakfast hosted by Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) and Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC).

Nigel Scullion, Minister for Indigenous Affairs, spoke on his commitment to Indigenous affairs and starting conversations and stronger relationships between Indigenous people and Government.

Eddie Fry, Chair of IBA and ILC, spoke on how the two organisations can work together to empower Indigenous people.

Welcome to Country from Tony Lee of the Larrakia people

Terri with Kylie Bradford, owner of Kakadu Tiny Tots, and her baby girl Darby at the NAIDOC Breakfast

The NAIDOC Ball was an exciting event to end the week. Amongst all the glamour , we also celebrated the achievements of ten Indigenous award winners including two of our good friends here at Terri Janke and Company:

Prof Chris Sarra, Indigenous educator, won NAIDOC Person of the Year; and Dr Stephen Page, Artistic Director at Bangarra Dance Theatre, won NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award.

Terri and Stephen Page, who won the NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award

It was a great week in Darwin celebrating Indigenous culture and escaping the cold Sydney weather!

The NAIDOC Ball Table 33 with Tamina Pitt, Adam Goodes, David Williams, Anita Heiss, Michael O'Loughlin, Fiona Jonker, Nadine McDonald Dowd, Terri Janke & Karen Mills

Terri and Tamina ready for the NAIDOC Ball

Janke Family at the Ball: Terri Janke, Tamina Pitt, John Paul Janke and Terri Reid

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