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The Karijini Experience

Over Easter, our Senior Solicitor, Anika Valenti, attended the Karijini Experience where she caught up with IBN Elders, CEO, Lorraine Injie, and Linguist, Annie Edwards-Cameron, one of our amazing clients.

The Karijini Experience is held on the traditional lands of the Banyjima people in the remote Karijini National Park of Western Australia. The Karijini Experience is a rapidly growing annual event delivered by Banyjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation and the Nintirri Centre which took place on the 16th-21st of April this year, beginning in 2013 as a dining experience. The event has since become a thriving ‘multi-arts’ event and a celebration of local Aboriginal culture and community, attracting 1640 visitors in 2018, featuring 180 artists and representing 13 Aboriginal language groups with the support of 41 partners and sponsors.

Anika Valenti with Annie Edwards-Cameron, Linguist at IBN.

Photography (c) Dev Hasan

The Karijini Experience seeks to raise the profile of the Karijini National Park and the surrounding Inland Pilbara by delivering an uplifting and authentic celebration that offers people the opportunity to come together and be enriched through workshops, talks and other activities that connect visitors to the Country and its people.

The event creates a platform to deliver a number of social, cultural and economic benefits that enhance and promote the region through their unique setting and strong sense of place and community, including tourism, connection to culture and expression of arts and cultural heritage.

For more information, visit their website at

IBN Elders yarning with Karijini Experience attendees Photography (c) Dev Hasan

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