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Have your say on First Nations Storytelling in Nighttime Precincts

Updated: Mar 28

By: Dr Terri Janke, Shevaun Wright and Clare McKenzie

Terri Janke and Company are in the process of gathering feedback from First Nations artists and storytellers as part of a strategy refresh for the NSW Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner (O24HEC).


O24HEC is part of the Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade and works with other government partners, local councils, industry and the community to build vibrant, diverse, inclusive and safe hospitality and entertainment precincts. It seeks to enhance both the economic output of the state and amenity for residents and tourists alike. In February 2021 Michael Rodrigues, who launched the ‘Time Out’ brand in Australia in 2007, was appointed the inaugural 24-Hour Economy Commissioner. The O24HEC aims to improve the conditions for flexible day and night trading to make a positive contribution to the desirability of NSW as the best global location to live, work, play and invest. The O24HEC seeks to integrate planning and placemaking, diversify night-time activities, promote industry and cultural development, improve safety, mobility and connectivity, and change the narrative around CBDs across Greater Sydney.


Consultations/workshops were originally planned to be held across Sydney, Western Sydney, the north and south coasts, at Wollongong and Newcastle respectively. However, these meetings have now been moved to individual consultations with a view to hearing from First Nations artists, cultural practitioners, performers, writers, content makers and musicians as well as partner organisations about how they believe we can better celebrate First Nations storytelling within in going-out precincts.


More information is available on the O24HEC website here:


Register for a chat

We are inviting First Nations storytellers to speak to us with the goal of opening opportunities for employment, engagement and participation as well as a First Nations led approach to future policy.


The dates and details of the in-person workshops are:


To register for a call  – go to this link -


Do the Survey

We are also asking people to complete a survey on what could be done to enable First Nations performers, storytellers, consultants etc to be engaged in the Nighttime economy and what are the opportunities and barriers.


Go here to complete the survey -

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