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Carla da Roza

Carla da Roza



Carla has strong written communication skills and has expertise in legal and social science research. She also has skills in analysing and presenting data and developing reports. 


Carla is in her fourth year studying Law and Social Science with a major in Social Justice at Macquarie University. She has conducted a self-managed research project as part of social science, producing an investigative written report. Carla has worked as a teacher’s assistant at Yipirinya School Alice Springs. She has a background in visual arts and interior design.

​Photo by Jamie James


Carla is passionate about supporting communities to achieve social and economic equality. When Carla is not at work or studying, she loves to get outdoors and hike, run, sail or rock climb. In 2021, Carla undertook a six-month road trip around Australia visiting communities and national parks in almost every State and Territory.

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