Harry Loader

Harry Loader



Harry is currently in his fourth year of a combined arts/law degree at the University of New South Wales. He has advanced legal research, problem solving and writing skills stemming from his legal studies and background in commercial law.

​Photo by Joseph Mayers
Artwork: Bibi Barba


Harry has worked in the corporate legal sector, assisting skilled lawyers with complex legal matters. He has also contributed to the development of corporate RAPs and advocated for increased Indigenous representation in the legal profession. Harry has volunteered at the Kingsford Legal Centre, providing pro bono legal assistance to socioeconomically disadvantaged clients from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Harry has recently completed research papers calling for reform of drug and alcohol policies which disproportionately target Indigenous communities.


Harry is a Wiradjuri man but grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wales. He is especially passionate about health and fitness and frequently participates in long-distance swimming and running. In his free time, Harry enjoys following the NRL and English Premier League. He is a keen supporter of Manchester United.

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