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The Guarding Governance ® training is a fantastic mix of legal and cultural governance training alongside breakout discussion groups. Anika and Neane are knowledgeable, warm, and fantastic presenters who are passionate about what they do, and led us expertly through each of the legal and cultural governance principles.

Katherine Giles

Arts Law Centre of Australia

Mentor Way with Terri Janke and Andrew Pitt has been a god-send for me in the past few months. I’m establishing a new company and to be able to check in with my mentors on a regular basis has given me strategic clarity and kept me purposeful. My biggest anxiety around running my own business is the isolation so having that wisdom and guidance is keeping me confident and extremely productive. They are really empowering me to focus on what is important.

Alison Page


Alison Page Design

Our museum greatly enjoyed working with Terri Janke and Company to produce our new Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol. Terri and Anika are very experienced and knowledgeable in law and governance, as well as having a deep understanding of Indigenous culture. They are highly professional, responsible and collaborative. They also provided engaging and effective training for our staff to introduce them to working with the Protocol.

Judith Coombes

Head of Strategic Collections

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

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