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I attend many workshops to try to increase my knowledge, especially in areas that link to procurement and contract management. As a procurement educator within the Commonwealth Government articulating knowledge in a manner that is clear and understandable for the majority of the participants is a real challenge. Intellectual Property is one of those topics that can test even experienced procurement officers.


The inclusion of the Indigenous Procurement Policy into Government Agency processes means there will be an increase in the engagement of Indigenous businesses providing goods and services to the Commonwealth Government.


Right now there has never been a more important time for government procurement officers to gain greater knowledge of Intellectual Property especially when it comes to Indigenous Cultural issues that will become evident.


Dr Terri Janke’s True Tracks® workshop provides this information, knowledge and tools to create an awareness and a way forward to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties. I recommend this workshop to all Government Officials to help them understand the issues and complexities involved when considering engaging with an Indigenous organisation or community

Adrian Makepeace

Team Leader

Department of Finance

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