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Our Law Way video series has been designed to guide Indigenous entrepreneurs through the challenges of starting a new business.

The Law Way videos are based on the Law Way publication and the Law Way workshops

Law Way Series 1

Law Way: Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are at the heart of business. View this video for tips on making contracts work for you.

Law Way: Governance

This episode introduces you to Governance and the key role it plays in successfully running your organisation.

Law Way: Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) Protocols

Terri is a leading voice in Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) Protocols. Watch to learn more about the importance of having ICIP Protocols in business.

Law Way: Intellectual Property Management Plans

In this video, Terri discusses Intellectual management Plans and the importance it plays in the success of your business.

Law Way: Top 10 Tips for Business

Terri Janke discusses the top 10 tips for business

Law Way: Trade Marks

Trade marks are an essential component of the protection and identification of your business; they are the key element that will differentiate your business from your competitor’s. watch this video to learn how a registered trade mark will help your business.

Law Way: Employment

It's important to know what you are responsible for when it comes to your employees

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