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Written Resources

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Collaboration Guidelines (1)_edited
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DPE Protocols Cover
Indigenous protocols and processes of co
Protocols for using First Nations cover
Coronavirus & the Law
First Languages Law & Governance Guide f
First Peoples Science Centre_front cover
Terri Janke PhD
AMaGA Indigenous Roadmap
Roadmap Report
Living Centres for Living Cultures
Indigenous JV Info Guide
Setting up for Success
Indigenous Knowledge
From smokebush to spinifex

Indigenous Cultural Protocols and the Arts

Law Way
Deepening Histories of Place
Festival of Pacific Arts
The Mabo Oration 2011
Native Title Connection Reports
Indigenous Research Protocols
New Tracks
Beyond Guarding Ground
Writing Up Indigenous Research
Know your rights
Indigenous Ecological Knowledge
Indigenous Cultural Protocols
Code of Practice
Minding Culture
Valuing Art, Respecting Culture
Pathways & Protocols
Our Culture : Our Future
Indigenous Art Protocols


Law Way

Our Law Way video series has been designed to guide Indigenous entrepreneurs through the challenges of starting a new business. It is based on our Law Way publication and the Law Way Workshops

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Dr Terri Janke 2022 Mabo Lecture,

Terri Janke reflects on the effects Mabo decision to celebrate the 30th anniversary; a lecture hosted by the National Library of Australia


Dr Terri Janke TEDx Talk 

True Tracks: create a culture of innovation with Indigenous knowledge at TEDxJCUCairns in 2016

Terri Janke IBA COVID video screenshot.p

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) COVID-19 information videos

We teamed up with Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) and Creative 33 to create five informative videos on managing your business during the Coronavirus pandemic. It covers general management, employer obligations, financial obligations, managing legal contracts and insolvent trading.

IBA Strong Women Strong Business

Terri Janke's keynote presentation at the Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) Strong Women Strong Business Conference 2018

Blurring Lines ADA talk photo.PNG

Australian Digital Alliance Copyright Forum 2020

Terri Janke's presentation, First Steps: Engaging with Indigenous Peoples Cultural Expression and Knowledge at the Australian Digital Alliance Copyright Forum 2020.

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