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How to Engage Us

First Things First

Contact us on 02 9693 2577 or email

Pre-engagement Check

Before we start work, we need to confirm your matter falls into our area of expertise. We also need to check there is no conflict of interest. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we can take on your matter. We also need to conduct an identity check and we require your full contact details. We will keep anything you tell us confidential.

Getting your Instructions

Before going ahead, you will need to brief us to the scope of the work, the priorities, your timeline and budget.  You need to be very clear on your requirements and your goals.

Costs Agreement

Before we start work on your matter, we will send you a Costs Agreement which sets out the scope of the work, the fees to be paid, our terms for payment, the confidentiality and retention of your documents. Before we start work, you will need to sign and return the Costs Agreement to us.


Beginning Work

Once we have received a signed Costs Agreement, you have formally engaged us and we can now begin work on your matter.

At Work

We often require further information from our clients. The quicker you respond to our requests, the faster your matter will proceed.

Billing and Payment

We ask our clients pay 50% of the estimated fees into our trust account – before we commence work. We also ask our clients pay 100% of estimated disbursements (payments to 3rd parties, e.g. government fees) into our trust account – before we commence work.  We will provide tax invoices for all our work, at the completion of the matter, or monthly, or as agreed.

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