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Indigenous Arts & Culture

At Terri Janke and Company, we deeply value and respect the diverse arts and cultures of Indigenous peoples in Australia and around the world. We have a strong background and extensive experience in this area, and acknowledge the importance of protecting this cultural heritage for future generations.

Terri Janke and Company seeks to empower artists, individuals, communities and Indigenous organisations to continue expressing and strengthening their cultural heritage. We are passionate about protecting the rights of Indigenous artists and knowledge holders to keep culture strong and vibrant, and represent numerous Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists. We are involved in the Fake Art Harms Culture campaign.

We can help you with
  • Cultural training

  • Advising on Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trade Marks and infringements

  • Drafting and overseeing Art Licensing Agreements

  • Drafting Cultural Protocols

  • Advising on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) issues

Our blog posts on Arts & Culture
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