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Client Service Charter

Terri Janke and Company is a 100% Indigenous owned & run legal firm that empowers clients to achieve success in their business and creative endeavors. We specialise in commercial law, with a focus on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). We strive to offer the best service and reliability to our clients. Our client base includes both Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses, artists, organisations and government departments.

Our Values

Terri Janke and Company is a values-driven firm. We want our values supported and respected and will only work with clients, matters and staff who are aligned with our values.

  • We empower Indigenous people in business, arts and culture.

  • We listen and communicate with professionalism, courtesy and respect.

  • We deliver with integrity and to our highest standard.

  • We are highly motivated and innovative.

  • We deliver holistic solutions for our clients.

  • We enjoy our work assisting our clients to achieve their creative and business goals.

Our Commitments to our clients
  • We will respond to your enquiries in a prompt, professional and understanding manner.

  • We aim to provide consistent and clear communication throughout the course of the matter. This includes keeping you advised on all costs of your matter ensuring that there are no unexpected fees or charges.

  • Our team are required to do conflict of interest checks. If they arise, all conflicts will be declared before proceeding with the work.

  • We protect your confidential information in accordance with our professional legal obligations.

  • We endeavour to respond to all phone calls and emails within 48 hours.

  • We are members of the Law Society of New South Wales Professional Standards Scheme and meet our professional standards as required by law.


At all times we will seek to maintain the confidentiality of your information. However, we may be permitted or required by law to disclose confidential information. We may also, on a confidential basis, provide your information to third parties where we consider it is appropriate for the proper conduct of your matter. 

Client Responsibilities

We ask the following from our clients:

  • Respect our values

  • Treat our team in a courteous, respectful and professional manner

  • Before providing us with a brief, please provide your name and the name and address of your business/organisation so we can check for conflicts of interest

  • Provide a clear brief of your objectives and the work required, via phone or email

  • Allow us time to prepare a quote and Costs Agreement that will be emailed to you

  • The Costs Agreement is a quote for a fixed amount, or, a quote for an hourly arrangement that:

    • Outlines the services that will be provided to you;​

    • Outlines our deposit and invoice payment terms; and

    • must be signed, dated and returned to us before we commence work.

  • Pay all monies promptly, including trust deposits and invoices

  • Provide your solicitor with all relevant documents, information and instructions

  • If your objective or timeline changes – tell us, so we can respond accordingly. Communication is critical to the success of your matter

  • Always remember that we are here to listen and serve your needs.

Client Service Feedback

We welcome and value client feedback, so we know to what extent our performance is meeting your needs. Whether you have a suggestion, a request for action, a complement or complaint, we would like to hear from you.

Please send us your feedback here.

Law Cover
  • We have liability coverage to our professional organisation’s standards by the LawCover for $10,000,000 per claim.

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