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True Tracks®: a pathway to Indigenous engagement

True Tracks® is a unique professional development workshop that will enhance your Indigenous engagement and increase your understanding of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP), or Indigenous cultural heritage.


Do you need guidance with:

  • Engaging Indigenous suppliers?

  • Employing Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders?

  • Utilising Indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage material (e.g. visual art, plant knowledge, languages), but not sure who to ask or how to do it?

  • Reproducing an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artwork, but want to know the best approach? 

  • Understanding how the leading agencies and corporates are managing their Indigenous engagement?

  • Realising a calm, holistic and proactive approach to Indigenous issues will be more effective than an urgent, stressed, band aid approach?

Upcoming Workshop 22nd of May: Purchase tickets here

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The True Tracks® method has been designed by Indigenous lawyer and businesswoman Dr Terri Janke who brings over 20 years of experience in the area of ICIP. True Tracks® has been successfully applied in range of industries, including; information technology, construction, communication, arts, design, museum & gallery, science, research and education. It has also been applied at various levels of federal, state and local government, non-government organisations and ASX listed entities.


The workshop covers:

  • Identifying Opportunities – the true value of Indigenous contributions;

  • Engagement & Pathways – how to build respectful and productive relationships with Indigenous people;

  • Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) – an introduction;

  • Policies & Protocols – how Indigenous cultural expression and knowledge can enhance your Corporate brand;

  • Contracts & Clauses – how to use written contracts and important clauses that every agreement should include;

  • Disputes – methods for anticipating, preventing and resolving disputes;

  • Case Studies – learn from the experiences of others;

  • Checklist – the True Tracks 10 Point Checklist;

  • Where to go for help and advice.


"The True Tracks workshop is an absolute must for anyone wanting to understand how respect the intellectual and cultural property of Indigenous people. The content clearly sets out guidelines on how to appropriately use ICIP in media, publishing or film. The workshop is engaging, clearly presented and full of real life examples. I cannot recommend it more highly."

October 2022 True Tracks Attendee / Media Company Owner

"I found this workshop extremely useful and I am now reading the True Tracks book. I am more aware of the gaps in my knowledge - I have a lot of reading to do! However, I have started and will continue to find ways to weave True Tracks principles into my work. This workshop has been a great start in helping me to see copyright law - and the concepts of authorship and ownership- in a different way."

October 2022 True Tracks Attendee / Copyright Officer

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