True Tracks®: a pathway to Indigenous engagement

True Tracks® is a unique professional development workshop that will enhance your Indigenous engagement and increase your understanding of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP), or Indigenous cultural heritage.


Do you need guidance with:

  • Engaging Indigenous suppliers?

  • Employing Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders?

  • Utilising Indigenous cultural heritage material (e.g. visual art, plant knowledge, languages), but not sure who to ask or how to do it?

  • Reproducing an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artwork, but want to know the best approach? 

  • Understanding how the leading agencies and corporates are managing their Indigenous engagement?

  • Realising a calm, holistic and proactive approach to Indigenous issues will be more effective than an urgent, stressed, band aid approach?


The True Tracks® method has been designed by Indigenous lawyer and businesswoman Dr Terri Janke who brings over 20 years of experience in the area of ICIP. True Tracks® has been successfully applied in range of industries, including; information technology, construction, communication, arts, design, museum & gallery, science, research and education. It has also been applied at various levels of federal, state and local government, non-government organisations and ASX listed entities.


The workshop covers:

  • Identifying Opportunities – the true value of Indigenous contributions;

  • Engagement & Pathways – how to build respectful and productive relationships with Indigenous people;

  • Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) – an introduction;

  • Policies & Protocols – how Indigenous cultural expression and knowledge can enhance your Corporate brand;

  • Contracts & Clauses – how to use written contracts and important clauses that every agreement should include;

  • Disputes – methods for anticipating, preventing and resolving disputes;

  • Case Studies – learn from the experiences of others;

  • Checklist – the True Tracks 10 Point Checklist;

  • Where to go for help and advice.


Upcoming workshops:

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