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Reconciliation Action Plan

Terri Janke and Company prioritises reconciliation and incorporates it into our business culture. We aim to empower Indigenous peoples and foster their success in business, innovation. Our vision for reconciliation centers on protecting Indigenous knowledge and cultures for the benefit of Indigenous communities, both socially and economically. Through our core legal services, we strive to provide reliable assistance to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients, acting as a bridge to facilitate respectful engagement with Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. Our work is guided by principles such as respect, self-determination, benefit-sharing, protection, and integrity, as outlined in the 'True Tracks' Framework, which underpins our commitment to advancing reconciliation.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outlines our efforts to continue progressing reconciliation and has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. We are dedicated to developing, continuing and strengthening meaningful action which fosters reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Our commitment to this RAP is supported by all members of the firm. 

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Innovate RAP is our 2-year commitment. It outlines what we will do to achieve our Vision for Reconciliation, from now until October 2024. We outline our unique and innovative strategies that will empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Click image to read our RAP.

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Our RAP Engagement Plan

Our RAP Engagement Plans sets out our commitments to cultural safety practices and cultural competency practices in a one page document. Click image to see our Engagement Plan.

Our RAP Progress Report

Read our RAP Progress Report. You can find its accompanying index here.

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