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Indigenous Knowledge: Issues for protection and management

In 2017, Terri Janke and Company was commissioned by IP Australia to develop a series of papers exploring key issues for the protection and management of Indigenous Knowledge in Australia. 

This main paper explores the relationship between tradition-based knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and issues of intellectual property, cultural heritage and economic empowerment.

ip aus supp paper 1.JPG
ip aus supp paper 2.JPG

We also wrote two Supplementary Papers:

Supplementary Paper 1:

Legal protection of Indigenous Knowledge in Australia



An overview of the Australian laws that are currently used to recognise and protect Indigenous Knowledge





Supplementary Paper 2:

International Laws and Developments relating to Indigenous Knowledge in Australia 


A snapshot of international instruments that Australia is a member to or is involved with across intellectual property, environment, human rights, cultural heritage and trade, shedding light on the discussions around Indigenous Knowledge protection and management.


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