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Law Way Videos

Our Law Way video series has been designed to guide Indigenous entrepreneurs through the challenges of starting a new business.

The Law Way videos are based on the Law Way publication and the Law Way workshops

Law Way Series 1

The first series of Law Way was filmed in 2015. In this series, Terri Janke talks about the following 7 topics:

1. Commercial Contracts
2. Governance 
3. Intellectual Property Management Plans
4. Trade Marks
5. Employment
6. Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property Protocols
7. Top 10 Tips for Business

Law Way Series 2

The second series of Law Way was filmed in 2017 by Sarah Grant, Tamina Pitt and Devris Hasan. In this series, Terri Janke talks about the following 12 topics:

1. Understanding Restraint Of Trade Clauses
2. Copyright in your Business
3. Non-Disclosure Agreements
4. Avoiding Trading Insolvent: A Director's Duty
5. What is a Joint Venture?
6. Choosing the Legal Structure for Your Business
7. Start Up Mistakes: Not getting Legal advice on your business structure
8. Start Up Mistakes: No formal employment arrangement
9. Start Up Mistakes: No terms and conditions
10. Start Up Mistakes: Not Trade Marking your Business Name
11. Start Up Mistakes: No Founder's Agreement

Law Way Series 3

Coming Soon !!!!

News about Law Way

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