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Law Way: Governance

The Law Way Programme is a proposal to work with Indigenous entrepreneurs to develop their business. Designed for business start-ups, the programme will assist entrepreneurs to comply with the key legal requirements of running a business.

Businesses and organisations must operate in accordance with the law and their organisation’s constitution. It is established by putting in place a constitution and the continuous monitoring of its implementation by the members of the governing body of an organization. The practice of doing this is called governance, and it is essential to the smooth running and prosperity of your organisation. Once established, the constitution must be updated if the following events occur: change in the law, changes in your organisation’s objectives, or your organisations may need to be restructured.

Let us review the rules of your association: we can review your constitution and provide workable guidelines for your business, draft a board conduct code, create director’s duties workshops that suit your goals and organisation, ensure that your constitution is up to date with the current laws, or modify it to meet your business’s current needs and objectives.

If you have any questions regarding the governance of your business, contact us.

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