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We can help translate the 'legalese' in your legal documents

The legal language used in contracts and other legal documents can often be overwhelming. It's important not to sign a legal document without first understanding it. You need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities under the contract.


Our solicitors, Maiko, Terri and Anika, can help you to understand legal documents before you sign

One of our Solicitors, Anika Valenti recently assisted a client with a commercial sub-lease arrangement. The lease was made up of multiple lengthy documents, some of which were written 20 years ago and used very old-fashioned language!

Beware of these kinds of documents, including leases, especially when they don’t use plain English, are not simple to read, and have no punctuation!

Don’t just sign on the dotted line - seek legal advice! Terri Janke and Company can help you understand what the terms of your commercial lease and other legal documents really mean.

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