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To Terri, From the Team : Because Of Her We Can

The NAIDOC theme this year is 'Because Of Her, We Can'. Our team put together a short message to our boss, Terri Janke. We are so proud to have a boss who is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman & an absolute legend.

"In respect of this year's NAIDOC theme, our team wanted to share with you all what it's like to work for the incredible Terri Janke:

Because of her, I can wake up everyday inspired to help others.

Because of her, I am challenged to do more, and do it better. She believes in us 100%

Because of her, I am inspired to study law. To help others the way she does.

Because of her, I have become more involved in my culture. And learning about my heritage.

Because of her, I will excel at what I do whilst empowering others so that they can be their best too. Terri encourages us to trust in our skills and know that we have everything we need within us.

Because of her, I believe in myself - in my work and in my own capabilities; as a lawyer, a woman making my own mark in the world and enriching the lives of others.

Because of her, we can ❤"

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