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Collaborating with JCU Cultural Mentors through True Tracks Training

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Solicitors Laura Melrose and Joel Murgha delivered a workshop on Intellectual Property (IP) and Indigenous Intellectual and Cultural Property (ICIP) to the James Cook University (JCU) Cultural Mentors this week. The presentation was in Innisfail, Far North Queensland.

The cultural mentorship program is funded by JCU and the Cultural Mentors are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care workers. The Cultural Mentors have unique local knowledge of their Country and are respected within the community. They guide and support non-Indigenous registrars in healthcare services with their cultural competency, helping them to be safe, comfortable and confident when engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Cultural Mentors are from various regions, including many rural and regional centres, coming together about once a year for training.

Our True Tracks workshop was aimed to help the Cultural Mentors understand their legal rights as knowledge-holders and how to protect their cultural knowledge.

Laura said: "We thoroughly enjoyed presenting to the hard-working JCU cultural mentors. They were very welcoming, had lots of questions, and it was great to be able to provide some tools to help them protect their valuable knowledge."

Find out more about our True Tracks© Workshop and buy tickets here

Find out more about the JCU Cultural Mentorship Program here

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