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Another valuable year at the AIATSIS Summit

Solicitors Joel Murgha and Laura Melrose attended the AITSIS Summit this week where they presented on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The AIATSIS Summit 2022 was held on the traditional Country of the Kabi Kabi peoples. The theme of the event this year was Navigating the spaces in between.

Joel and Laura spoke about ICIP and Intangible Cultural Heritage; educating on how to protect the culture of First Nations people in non-physical form, such as Traditional Knowledge, stories and song.

The AIATSIS Summit is an important annual conference to progress the support and strengthening of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, knowledge and governance. Thank you for having us for another year AIATSIS!

Joel and Laura presenting their workshop on ICIP and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Joel and Laura outside the resort where the conference was held

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