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TJC are still going strong!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Hello Terri Janke and Company clients, friends and families, we hope you’re all staying connected and positive.

We are still open and going strong – we are answering phone calls, having video meetings, and all our lawyers are still busy helping clients.

We are all working from home so it’s business as usual… but in unusual times.

To stay happy and have fun we have been having a dance session in our Monday morning meetings where one of us chooses a positive song. So far we have had I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, Don’t You Worry by Electric Fields, Lovely Day by the great late Bill Withers and September by Earth, Wind & Fire.

What song would you chose?

We also had an Easter online dress up and catch up! Check out our costumes

Andrew Pitt and Terri Janke dancing to I Will Survive with the stunning Rene Kulitja painting Ancient Tracks and Waterholes in the background

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