A huge THANK YOU to Clara Klemski (Senior Solicitor) and Laura Curtis (Solicitor) for your support and assistance during our prolonged negotiation of various IP, ICIP and moral rights clauses with an organisation. Your breaking down of complex information and guidance of what comes next in the drafting of the different clauses made for a much more simplified and streamlined process. It was most reassuring to have had you both provide us with professional advice as well as being a sounding board for our many concerns about the contract. We also thank you for the wisdom you provided to us regarding our next steps and wish you both continued success in your personal and professional endeavours.

Until next time, keep on leading with excellence.

Eddie and Suzanne Watkin



Terri’s legal advice, from trademarking, to even creating my program into a company and making sure I have my intellectual property safe and protected has been amazing. The reasoning to the ID Know Yourself’s progression is through our spiritual connection. Terri believed in me from the very start and her support and advice has been absolutely phenomenal. I am definitely more focused, confident and determined after working with Terri.

Isaiah Dawe


ID Know Yourself

I attend many workshops to try to increase my knowledge especially in areas that link to procurement and contract management. As a procurement educator within the Commonwealth Government articulating knowledge in a manner that is clear and understandable for the majority of the participants is a real challenge. Intellectual Property is one of those topics that can test even experienced procurement officers.


The inclusion of the Indigenous Procurement Policy into Government Agency processes means there will be an increase in the engagement of Indigenous businesses providing goods and services to the Commonwealth Government.


Right now there has never been a more important time for government procurement officers to gain greater knowledge of Intellectual Property especially when it comes to Indigenous Cultural issues that will become evident.


Terri Janke’s True Tracks workshop provides this information, knowledge and tools to create an awareness and a way forward to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties. I recommend this workshop to all Government Officials to help them understand the issues and complexities involved when considering engaging with an Indigenous organisation or community

Adrian Makepeace

Team Leader

Department of Finance

DKA (Desert Knowledge Australia) works with the knowledges and knowledge-holders of the desert and we need to make sure we are correctly articulating and managing IP and ICIP rights.  Terri and her team patiently and expertly worked through the important complexities to create a strong, clear ICIP protocol for DKA and now we’re working together to develop our IP Management Plan. Thanks Terri and Anika!

Lauren Ganley

Former Chief Executive Officer

Desert Knowledge Australia

Adhapudhay Eso! (Thank you Very Much!) to Terri Janke and Company. Terri Janke and Andrew Pitt, are expert Business Consultants. Isolated in the Torres Strait, Panipan Designs has been blessed to achieve significant milestones under their leadership and support through their entrepreneurial journey.  We are eternally grateful for TJC challenging our ideals and making the ‘heavy lifting’ effortless.

Our self-confidence has soared, helping us make our Business Plan crystal clear and achievable, from marketing to pitching our business ideals, through to developing our existing and new products.

TJC have provided endless opportunities from re-branding and trademarking our existing business and products, along with the source of potential investors, through their connections on mainland Australia. Our Weaknesses have turned to Strengths, our Threats into Opportunities, the experience has been priceless, we never thought we’d get to where we are now. We highly recommended TJC to anyone who aspires to develop their ‘new and existing’ small business venture in Creative Industries.

Edwin & Regina Turner


Panipan Designs

I have always admired and followed Terri Janke and her work on intellectual property and the cultural rights of our mob in the arts sector. I had put off contacting a legal firm to assist me with the legalities surrounding my business needs as I was unsure if they would represent me appropriately. Terri and her legal firm are one that I trust completely and know that as an Indigenous person in business, I am looked after. Terri’s team are professional, prompt and easy to work with and listened genuinely to what my needs were and provided legal agreements that considered my rights and the rights of my clients as well. 

Krystal Hurst

Artist and Creative Director

Gillawarra Arts

Terri brings legal know-how, hands-on expertise and tremendous vitality to her work. I have worked with her for more than ten years on intellectual property and Indigenous and cultural property issues. She has authored a pioneering study for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on the use of IP systems by Indigenous communities (Minding Culture), and she is currently a consultant to WIPO in two significant capacity-building projects in the Pacific. Terri has a sharp legal mind and formidable people-skills – it’s always a pleasure working with her.

Wend Wendland

Head, Traditional Creativity, Cultural Expressions and Cultural Heritage Section

World Intellectual Property Organization (commenting in his personal capacity)

Terri is one impressive woman … What you see is what you get: Smart and driven!!!

Aden Ridgeway


Cox Inall Ridgeway

Thanks very much for yesterday, it was a great session.  I really enjoyed the content and the discussion.  I am looking forward to going through all the material and reading up on the protocols.  The tour of AIATSIS was amazing too, so much knowledge and things to look at – I’ll definitely have to go back for another visit.

Stephanie Parkin

Lawyer & True Tracks attendee

The National Film and Sound Archive can confirm that the services Terri Janke and Company provided in the development of relevant ICIP Protocols met our expectations. As an organisation, we were most pleased with the experience of working with you and your company – the level of competence, the excellent and timely communication and the quality of the advice provided. Both of the projects you worked on – first the ICIP Protocols for the ‘Deepening Histories of Place’ project, and then the NFSA’s own ICIP Principles and Protocols – were successful in their own regard…. and we are most grateful for the contribution your company made to moving this process forward.

Michael Loebenstein

Former CEO

National Film and Sound Archive

Thanks to our friends and legal team at Terri Janke and Company Pty Ltd – the Gilimbaa team just had a fantastic discussion regarding preserving rights, integrity and intellectual property of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and their artwork. We love their work and cannot recommend them enough.

David Williams

Director and co-owner


Terri was engaged by Telstra to lead our Indigenous engagement agreements for a significant Telstra project. Terri’s professionalism and deep intellectual property expertise delivered an end result that set a new benchmark. Always solutions- focused, Terri’s work is exceptional and her genuine interest to drive great outcomes for her clients and stakeholders makes it a pleasure to work with her.

Lauren Ganley

General Manager, National Indigenous Directorate


Terri’s a personal hero and an inspiration to me ever since we met. Her personal values are reflected in her company, she’s a person with integrity and honesty who responds to any challenge placed upon her with vigour, hard work, determination and focus.

Nancia Guivarra

Journalist & Indigenous media professional

Terri Janke is marvelous, she is fantastic. Her law firm is relevant and important and provides an essential service for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Michael McLeod

Chief Executive Officer

Message Stick Group

We have found that in our association with Terri Janke and Company the ongoing relationship has not only helped but developed and given us a clear understanding of our intellectual property needs not only now but for the future ahead.

Melinda Watson

Finance Manager

Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council

During the start up phase of my business your company has provided much needed and culturally appropriate business advice and support. I don’t think I would have gotten through all this without your professional expertise and assistance

Lani Blanco-Francis

Chief Executive Officer

LBF Consulting

Terri Janke is one of the most respected lawyers working in the country. She has an international reputation for her work on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal issues. Her work has had a significant impact on improving the rights of Indigenous people in Australia.

Professor Larissa Behrendt

Director of Research, Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning

University of Technology, Sydney

Terri is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable Intellectual property lawyer. Her drive and passion to provide excellent quality service and outcomes for her clients is one of the many reasons we wanted to work with Terri. Her commitment to and achievements in promoting and protecting Aboriginal art and culture is inspirational and has quite rightly been recognised. I look forward to many future opportunities to work with Terri and the team.

Caroline Gilroy

Principal Consultant

Purple Lightbulb

Our museum greatly enjoyed working with Terri Janke and Company to produce our new Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol. Terri and Anika are very experienced and knowledgeable in law and governance, as well as having a deep understanding of Indigenous culture. They are highly professional, responsible and collaborative. They also provided engaging and effective training for our staff to introduce them to working with the Protocol.

Judith Coombes

Head of Strategic Collections

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Terri’s skillful and generous teachings helped us get to grips with the ins and outs of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. We’re now better equipped to recognise, acknowledge, communicate and protect Indigenous cultural heritage and traditional knowledge. And we know where to start – in conversation with the people to whom it belongs.

Duncan Loxton

Project Officer, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Archive (ATSIDA)

University of Technology Sydney Library