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We Helped Some More People Discover the True Tracks for their Business

Twice a year, we at Terri Janke and Company, run our True Tracks: Indigenous Cultural Protocols in Business Workshop. On the 10th of September this year, we held one in Sydney.

The event was held at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence and this meant that Terri was able to head straight to the gym after the workshop. We welcomed a wide range of people from many different industries in the morning and jumped straight into learning about Indigenous Cultural Protocols in Business.

We had 15 people come along and participate in learning, discussion and games. It was fun for all, as well as new understandings of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property, and the principles for best practice. A thing that is very helpful to know when setting out to engage, or undertake projects with Indigenous people where cultural material is at the heart.

One of Terri’s highlights from the day was: “It’s good to see government department procurement officers come along, and being really keen to learn about Indigenous intellectual property and cultural engagement. These people are taking Indigenous engagement to another level.’

If you are upset you missed out on our second True Tracks Workshop for the year let us know by emailing We are preparing dates and venues for next year’s workshops. The earlier you get in the better chance you have of getting a place.

If you are unsure check out some of our latest testimonials and let them persuade you:

  • “Great workshop, you realise how much some have to learn about culture and how much more you know now” – Media Producer, Not-for-Profit

  • “Informative and enjoyable providing a real insight into ICIP and engagement with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities” – Public Servant, ICT Procurement

  • “Well organised and presented workshop that has raised my awareness of Indigenous cultural and IP issues. Has given me broader knowledge to look for potential moves or impacts in our supply chain which I wouldn’t have made before.” – Public Servant, Procurement and Supplier Diversity

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