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CANBERRA: Two innovative legal firms team up

Terri Janke, Solicitor Director of Terri Janke and Company Pty Ltd and Sean King, Solicitor Director of Proximity celebrate the launch of their new teaming arrangement. Both firms have unique skills and provide niche services. The teaming arrangement will consist of joining together on tenders, sharing legal workloads, referring clients and sharing resources.

Terri Janke and Company (TJC) opened its doors in April 2000 and has strength in Intellectual Property (IP), Governance, Commercial matters, Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property issues and mediation. TJC is a 100% Indigenous owned and controlled enterprise, with a majority of Indigenous staff, has a growing list of government clients in response to the Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) and in particular the mandatory set-aside provisions.

Of the Teaming Agreement with Proximity, Terri Janke observes “Our clients stick with us because of our value system and we want to support their legal needs in total. This teaming arrangement means my firm can now provide a broader range of legal services and build skill capacity in the process.

Proximity is Canberra based and provide services to Government in the areas of commercial and technology law, administrative law, dispute resolution and litigation, employment law, procurement and work health and safety. Proximity is a leading provider of solicitors on secondment to government.

Sean King comments ”Proximity prides itself on being innovative and first to market with new business models for legal services. To our knowledge this is the first legal teaming arrangement of this type in Australia.

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