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Two Young Indigenous Women take over for the new Law Way series

Here at TJC, we’re keen to assist Indigenous people to get into business. Our Law Way video series has been designed to guide Indigenous entrepreneurs through the challenges of starting a new business.

You’ve seen the old series, now we’re creating some more new material! This time, we’ve decided to do it all in house.

Our small production team – Sarah and Tamina – are learning some new skills, with the help from our friend Devris Hasan. We're bringing a fresh new look this series!

Sarah has had some experience in film-making. She has worked on 4 short films at university, so she’s up to scratch on all the film talk. “Tamina and I have been working together planning the whole project from start to finish. We’ve had to plan everything from the video content to lighting to captions and music.”

Aside from a few silly home videos, Tamina is new to the whole process - “I’ve got heaps of ideas. I want to make our videos fun and informative. We really want to inspire our viewers to go for it and be successful in their own business”

The team at TJC are excited to bring you this series of Law Way. We hope you enjoy the more ‘home-grown’ feel. Please bear with us while we’re learning the tricks of the trade and contact us if you have any feedback!

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