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Terri's TEDxJCUCairns Talk

Last week, Terri and her family travelled to Cairns for her TEDx talk. Terri was happy to be back in Cairns, her birth place, and enjoying the heat!

Walks on the beautiful Trinity Beach were helping Terri to calm her nerves

Terri was the first speaker to present. Her speech was titled “True Tracks: Indigenous knowledge, intellectual property and our shared future”. She spoke about protecting Indigenous knowledge in the new knowledge economy, and also her journey to becoming a leading Intellectual Property lawyer.

It was good to have a few friends there watching to support Terri.

Terri and friend Joann Schmider

The TSRA came to support Terri and yarn about the Torres Strait Islands at their stand.

TSRA staff member Vic McGrath and Mer Gedkem Le (TSI) Corporation Chairman Doug Passi and his wife Nellie.

It was good to see some other Indigenous speakers there too.

Gerry Turpin, Indigenous ethnobotanist, spoke about his work with Indigenous knowledge. In his unique position, he learns about Indigenous traditional knowledge and can bridge the gap between western and Indigenous knowledge.

Grace Lillian Lee, spoke about her work as an Indigenous designer. She has used fashion shows to empower young Indigenous people and raise their self-esteem.

Indigenous Speakers Terri, Grace Lillian Lee and Gerry Turpin with Grace's father, Allan George Lee

It was great to see everyone there. Thanks for the support! TEDx is editing the video footage and we will share it when it’s ready.

Terri with her children, Jaiki and Tamina Pitt

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