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Terri Janke’s TEDxCairns Release: Creating a culture of innovation with Indigenous knowledge

We are excited to announce the release of Terri’s TEDxCairns talk. Terri brings her knowledge to the international TEDx platform. One aspect of Terri’s talk discusses how Indigenous cultures are steeped in thousands of years of heritage and continuing practice. Using and reproducing traditional cultural expression within new works requires consideration of Indigenous cultural protocols.

The protocols created by Terri are known as the True Tracks:

  1. Respect

  2. Self-determination

  3. Consent and Consultation

  4. Interpretation

  5. Cultural integrity

  6. Secrecy and privacy

  7. Attribution

  8. Benefit sharing

  9. Maintaining Indigenous culture

  10. Recognition and protection

These protocols should be applied to projects that involve Indigenous people and Indigenous communities. Terri Janke and Company have worked with Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Researchers, and more, to ensure that protocols are followed when working with Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property.

Terri’s talk acknowledges some of those projects and highlights the innovation that can stem from the application of protocols. Building trust between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples can ensure that Indigenous peoples feel safe to share culture, art, songs, stories and understandings that have been built up over thousands of years.

Make sure you watch Terri’s TEDxCairns talk to get all the details! And, contact us at Terri Janke and Company if you need assistance with drafting protocols, consent forms and licence agreements.

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