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Our team designed and delivered successful workshops for the MGA Indigenous Roadmap project

Terri Janke and Company have been engaged as consultants to prepare the MGA Indigenous Roadmap. The MGA Indigenous Roadmap is an initiative by Museums Galleries Australia to enhance the engagement and participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Museums Galleries Australia is the national association and peak advocacy body representing museums and galleries across Australia.

Museums and galleries are hugely trusted institutions. They have a role in sharing stories and amplifying voices. Their representations have impacts reflected in our culture and society. Terri Janke and Company are excited to be engaged on this project. We have the power to make a positive impact on the involvement and perception of Indigenous people across Australia through museums and galleries.

The project will be completed in four stages as follows:

  • We are currently conducting an audit of Indigenous engagement and employment in the sector. We have been collecting data through workshops, literature review, surveys and gathering submissions from museums, galleries, and Indigenous organisations.

  • After the research is completed we will write an analytical report based on our research. We will look at the issues and analyse. We will review and analyse the research, nationally and state based. We will review the issues that are identified, while analysing the relevant national and state laws. We will look at generating options for change, analysing case studies for best practise nationally and internationally.

  • Afterwards we will write the 10-Year Roadmap for Action will plan out Indigenous engagement and employment in the museums and galleries sector for the next 10 years.

  • We will review and redraft Continuous Cultures, Ongoing Responsibilities: Principles and guidelines for Australian museums working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage based on our research.

We have designed and delivered several workshops across Australia

Over the last few months, our team have visited several locations across Australia to conduct workshops as part of our research. We designed these workshops to engage the key stakeholders in an open discussion, to identify issues and generate options for change.

We developed these workshops in its entirety, from organising the locations to marketing and generating participants. We invited participants from across the sector to get involved, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous museum/gallery workers and professionals, Indigenous artists and institutions.

For most of the workshops, we arranged to have a speaker who could speak about their experiences in the museums and galleries sector. We used their words as case studies to generate discussion points. Afterward, we facilitated group discussions, encouraging our participants to flesh out the issues, challenges and solutions.

So far, we have completed the workshops in Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and Launceston. We have more dates coming up in Melbourne, Cairns and Perth with more to be announced.

For more information about the MGA Indigenous Roadmap project, check out the website. If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts on the project, please attend one our workshops or send us a submission (deadline is 30 November 2017).

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