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ID Know Yourself: The Power of Identity

On Thursday 18th April 2019, Butchulla and Garawa man Isaiah Dawe launched his mentoring program ‘ID. Know Yourself’ at NSW Government House in Sydney.

The program was conceived from Isaiah’s own experience of being in the foster care system, where he was deprived of his family and cultural identity. Isaiah’s passion to break this ongoing neglectful cycle has enabled him to construct a unique and holistic program for other young Indigenous people in out of home care.

“After going through many different foster homes and experiencing severe disadvantage and abuse, being taken away from my family and cultural identity. I never wanted another Aboriginal person in care to experience what I did, and now ID. Know Yourself is that vehicle of change to ensure that it does not happen.” – Isaiah Dawe.

The program is made up of 6 key components; cultural identity, yarn time, education, health, life after care, and giving back. The program contains various activities for young people to participate in that will establish and maintain their connection to their community, and culture, and strengthen their self-esteem.

Terri Janke is proud to have mentored Isaiah in the early stages of his business development. Charisma Cubillo and Kevin Anderson from TJC joined the Governor, family members of Isaiah and many people that have supported Isaiah throughout his journey.

It was great to see all of Isaiah’s hard work and vision come to fruition. With Isaiah’s leadership and the backing of his family and friends, ID Know Yourself can make a positive change in the lives of young Indigenous Australians.

Congratulations Isaiah!

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