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Nearly there Adam!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Congratulations to our Paralegal Adam Broughton who has finished his last exam and is on his way to graduating with a combined Bachelor of Law and Commerce! In 2023 he will complete College of Law and seek to be admitted as a Solicitor.

Adam has been working as a Paralegal at the firm since mid-2018. Adam's assistance to the Solicitors and his overall contribution to our work at TJC through the years has been highly regarded and valuable. He has developed a strong skillset in legal research and writing, drafting case studies and assists the senior lawyers in progressing their matters. Adam plays a key role in providing the best service to our clients through his knowledge and application of business law and ICIP.

We look forward to next year when Adam will return from a well-deserved overseas trip and join the full-time team at TJC!

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