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Anika Valenti spoke on the current and future state of ICIP in Australia

Last Friday Anika Valenti, Senior Associate, was on the panel at the ADA Copyright Forum 2023, speaking on the current and future state of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) in Australia.

It has been almost ten years since the Australian Law Reform Commission published their report on Copyright and the Digital Economy. The ADA Copyright Forum addressed progress that has been made towards achieving fair and flexible copyright exceptions that foster creativity, innovation and research, and looked at the remaining challenges to overcome. The discussion explored the impact of rapidly advancing technologies such as AI, creators as users, and the importance of ICIP.

Anika (middle) with Dr Rose Barrowcliffe, Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Macquarie Uni and QSA First Nations Advisor (left) and Dr Kirstin Thorpe, Senior Researcher, Jumbunna Institute at UTS (right)

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