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Celebrating First Nations in Law!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

There has been a growing number of First Nations lawyers and law students in recent years.

In May this year, Lincoln Crowley became the Indigenous Judge in the Australian superior court, appointed to the Supreme Court of Queensland. It is a proud moment to celebrate and one to continue progressing from.

Organisations like Tarwirri, Ngalaya Indigenous Corporation, and Indigenous Lawyers Queensland are making great efforts to enrich the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal professionals across the Australian landscape.

Tarwirri is the Indigenous Law Students and Lawyers Association of Victoria. Solicitor Neane Carter is a board member of Tarwirri. Learn more:

Ngalaya is the body for Indigenous lawyers and law students of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Ngalaya (nar-lee-ah) is a Dharug/Eora word meaning ‘allies in battle‘. It was founded by a group of Indigenous lawyers and law students at the University of New South Wales in 1997, including Solicitor Director Terri Janke. Learn more:

The Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc represent the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal professionals of Queensland, founded in 2007. Learn more:

These three organisations aim to increase and advance the representation, interests and excellence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal professionals and law students. They support First Nations in the legal profession to develop in their careers and to grow the next generation of Indigenous lawyers. They also work to support the broader community; to raise awareness of legal and policy issues affecting First Nations people. All three organisations are not-for-profit and are largely run by volunteers. Their work is an incredibly valuable contribution to enhancing First Nations people's representation in Australian law.

On the last day of this month, Ngalaya are hosting their first Firsts Nations Law Awards Ball which will become an annual event. It marks the celebration of their 25th anniversary. Terri Janke and Company have sponsored the First Nations Junior Law Student of the Year award. Our Sydney team are looking forward to attending!

Photograph of Tarwirri Board Members Anton D’Amico, Art Pitchford, Neane Carter, Tekan Cochrane and Andrew Williams

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