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ChangeMaker Chat with Dr. Terri - listen now!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

ChangeMakers Podcast tells stories of people trying the change the world, hosted by Amanda Tattersall, an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. Our Solicitor Director Dr. Terri Janke sat down with Amanda Tattersall, to share her journey to True Tracks. Based in Sydney, Amanda travels the world, talking to remarkable people doing extraordinary things to campaign for a better world.

In this hour-long conversation, Meriam and Wuthathi woman, Terri, talks about how she found the law, and developed the ICIP Principles (known as the True Tracks framework), sharing her unique perspective on culture and her journey toward protecting it.

Available to listen on Apple, Souncloud, Spotify and more, click the link below to listen to this engaging conversation.

Dr. Terri with Amanda Tattersall

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