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Congratulations to the award winners Matt Jarrett and Rhys Spahn!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

It's been a terrific week of celebrating Indigenous law students! TJC sponsor the Terri Janke and Company Award, given to a senior Indigenous law student each year at UNSW and the First Nations Junior Law Student of the Year Award, an award that was presented at the first Ngalaya Ball last night. Ngalaya is the body for Indigenous lawyers and law students of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Solicitor Director Terri Janke was at the ball with Andrew Pitt (CFO), along with Laura Curtis (Solicitor), Annabelle Burgess (Solicitor), Adam Broughton, Harry Loader, Hannah Byun, Carla da Roza and Maha Rauf (Paralegals). We got to meet the recipients of TJC sponsored awards, Matthew Jarrett and Rhys Spahn.

Matt Jarret was awarded the 2022 Terri Janke and Company Award from University of New South Wales Law and Justice faculty. The award aims to support his continued studies and career development in corporate law. We commend his achievements thus far, and we look forward to a bright future ahead for Matt in supporting social justice.

Rhys Spahn was the recipient of the Ngalaya First Nations Junior Law Student of the Year Award. It was great to be at the ball last night and congratulate Rhys. He is the co-founder of Indigenous youth advocacy group Brotha Boy Justice. We look forward to seeing his success in studies and career.

Terri with First Nations Junior Law Student of the Year, Rhys Spahn.

Terri with Matt Jarrett, winner of the 2022 Terri Janke and Company Award. Read more about Matt here:

The team looking glamorous last night!

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