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The Powerhouse's 'Caring for Country Principles' awarded for sustainability

We are thrilled to share that the Powerhouse Climate Action Plan and Caring for Country Principles were awarded for the Sustainability Project category at the 2023 Museums and Galleries National Awards. Congratulations to the Powerhouse!

Terri Janke and Company worked with the Powerhouse to develop the Action Plan which addresses the global climate crisis, and is guided by Caring for Country Principles, which were developed in consultation with First Nations community representatives. Caring for Country Principles serve as the foundation of the Climate Action Plan, representing the Powerhouse's respect of Country in practice.

Country is a multifaceted concept that encompasses all tangible and intangible aspects of cultural heritage. It embodies the lands, waters, seas and skies, along with the intricate web of life that inhabits them. Country is not limited to geographical features; it also encompasses songlines, stories, language, cultural expressions and knowledge. Even within urban areas, the streets, parks and buildings are situated on Country. Country is not only an external environment; it holds spiritual belonging and shapes individual and communal identity and wellbeing.

In acknowledging their responsibility to care for Country, the Powerhouse pledge to achieve net zero operations across the whole organisation by 2025. In addition to this groundbreaking shift, the Powerhouse have internationally pioneered sustainability in the museum sector by incorporating the invaluable knowledge and guidance of First Nations peoples.

Solicitors Anika Valenti, Dr. Terri Janke and Annabelle Burgess worked on the matter, developing the Principles and assisting the Powerhouse to incorporate Indigenous perspectives into their pledge for Country.

TJC are very pleased that the plan has been commended as a sustainable initiative and we congratulate the Powerhouse on achieving their award!

Further Reading:

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