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Taking Care of Culture in Victoria: We want to hear from you!

Every 5 years the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 in Victoria requires a report on the State of Victoria’s Aboriginal Cultural Heritage. This is the first report developed by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council and will reflect on:

  • What is Cultural Heritage?

  • What rights do Aboriginal People want regarding Cultural Heritage?

  • How are Aboriginal People able to exercise these rights regarding Cultural Heritage currently?

  • What stops Aboriginal People from exercising their rights?

  • How well does the wider Victorian community understand Aboriginal Cultures?

  • What is the vision for the future?

Anika Valenti (Senior Solicitor) and Laura Curtis (Solicitor) have been working with the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council to prepare the report, to be finalised by the end of August 2021. They have just released the Discussion Paper, Taking Care of Culture:

We would love to hear from Victorian Aboriginal Peoples and those working with them about the state of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in Victoria. To inform the upcoming report, we are collecting feedback to the questions above and throughout the Discussion Paper.

Your thoughts and feedback will help the report establish where we are, and where we can be in protecting, managing and celebrating all Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in Victoria.

Here are all the ways you can give us feedback:

· Contact the Council at or (03) 7004 7198;

· Attend a consultation meeting in Melbourne (early 2021);

· Email; or

· Call Anika Valenti or Laura Curtis from Terri Janke and Company on (02) 9693 2577.


Terri Janke and Company can help you with:

· Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) Protocols

· Written agreements

· IP Management Plans

· Assisting with the negotiation of rights and agreements

· True Tracks® ICIP workshops

Contact us!

Call (02) 9693 2577 or email

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