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Terri’s new book 'True Tracks' released!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

We are so excited to see the release of Dr Terri Janke’s new book, True Tracks: Respecting Indigenous knowledge and culture.

With respectful engagement, Indigenous knowledge and culture can assist with many of the issues we face and innovate for the future. Sharing real world case studies and personal stories, Terri offers an informative and practical guide for the way forward, for people working in arts, science, research, education, business, tourism and beyond.

The book is the result of a team effort and highlights the brilliance of our team who worked so hard on many of the case studies in the book. Gabriela Dounis, our Research Officer, was also instrumental in bringing the book together by assisting with research, writing and checking the information with people included in the book.

We would like to thank the publisher NewSouth Publishing for enabling us with this opportunity.

Learn about the respectful pathways for Indigenous engagement and protecting Indigenous knowledge, based on the groundbreaking True Tracks Principles which Terri has developed and advocated for over the course of her career. The book shows us the way for supporting cultural heritage rights for the empowerment of Indigenous peoples and the benefit of all.

Terri has been speaking about her new book on the radio and with journalists.

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