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Welcome Clara, Juanita and Sam!

Terri Janke and Company are so pleased to welcome Clara Klemski, Juanita Kelly-Mundine and Sam McNeil to the team.

Clara Klemski, Senior Solicitor, has expertise in environmental law and policy as well as a background in the arts and intellectual property law. She has worked with clients across government, commercial business and on diverse matters including Aboriginal cultural heritage and land claims.

Clara says, “I am thrilled to join the team as Senior Solicitor at Terri Janke and Company and to work on an exciting mix of Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property (ICIP), environment and arts law. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from Dr Janke and such an accomplished team who engage with innovative clients across diverse fields.”

Juanita Kelly-Mundine, Paralegal, says, “It is such a privilege to be joining Terri Janke and Company. I’m looking forward to contributing to the firm’s ongoing work which supports our Indigenous communities in the protection of their cultural heritage.” Juanita brings expertise in Indigenous cultural heritage management and cultural materials conservation, with experience working closely with Indigenous organisations in the arts and cultural sector.

Sam McNeil, Paralegal, says, “I am really excited to be working with Terri and her dedicated team to help our unique clients on their intellectual property and ICIP matters.” With expertise in Indigenous rock art and cultural heritage, Sam is passionate about the intersection of art and law, in particular the protection of Indigenous artists and ICIP.

Terri Janke and Company are looking forward to a wonderful year with a strong and vibrant team!

You can read more about Clara, Juanita and Sam, and the rest of the TJC team, here:

Photo: Clara, Juanita and Sam.

Artwork: Rene Kulitja, ‘Ancient Tracks and Waterholes’ (2019)

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