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Dr Terri Janke Co-Chief Authored the SoE Report 2021

Terri with co-chief authors Dr Ian Cresswell and Professor Emma Johnston

The State of the Environment Report 2021 (SoE) has been released. Solicitor Director Dr. Terri Janke was a co-chief author for what was the first time that Indigenous voices have been included in the whole of the report.

"It was really significant to have these trailblazing Indigenous scientists and community people be involved" said Terri

There are the 34 contributing authors to the SoE, including 11 First Nations (see list of contributors here) A group of leading Australian scientists and researchers - Indigenous and non-Indigenous, worked on the project for years. The report is a confronting look of the health of the Australian environment that is declining at a devastating rate.

The report highlights the prominent role of land management; and using Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous land management practices; and proves the need for the whole of the Australian community, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, to come together and care for country.

The SoE Report found that:

  • The health of Country and people are deeply interconnected. Healthy Country means healthy people.

  • Indigenous peoples care for Country as kin. Indigenous peoples’ stewardship of Country is passed down through countless generations and provides a wealth of knowledge and a holistic approach for caring for the environment.

  • Indigenous voices must be heard; their connection to land and seas must be acknowledged and protected.

  • Self-determination of Indigenous people is central to helping to restore the environment. ICIP rights are important for protecting knowledge and cultural practices.

The report aims to help shape policy and action and lead to a national change in behaviour so that the unique and beautiful Australian environment and is looked after.

Read the SoE Report here.


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